Cosmo Energy Group Promotion of Corporate Ethics

The Cosmo Energy Group recognizes the importance of acting with fairness and integrity as a member of society. We have the "Cosmo Energy Group Corporate Ethics Regulations (including Cosmo Energy Group Corporate Code of Conduct) to reinforce legal and regulatory compliance in our business activities. The Corporate Code of Conduct illuminates how we should behave and what applicable laws and codes exist in relation to stakeholders, such as individuals and companies.
The "Corporate Ethics&human rights Committee" facilitates implementation of the Regulations, and this committee is chaired by the Senior Executive Officer in charge of Corporate Risk Management Unit of Cosmo Energy Holdings Co.
We also have the "Cosmo Energy Group Corporate Ethics Office" to support the Committee, and e-mail helpline managed by the office for employees to discuss or report their concerns. In each company of the Cosmo Energy Group, the president is responsible for promoting corporate ethics, and through these arrangements, we believe that the Group will maintain the public's trust.

Cosmo Energy Group Corporate Ethics Consultation Helpline

The Cosmo Energy Group Corporate Ethics Consultation Helpline has been established as a system for employees to seek advice on and report facts and issues relating to corporate ethics.


Cosmo Energy Group Corporate Ethics Office





  1. Helpline users wishing to report or seek advice on ethics issues may do so anonymously.
  2. Based on Japan’s Whistleblower Protection Act, helpline users are protected from dismissal for reasons of helpline use, and cannot be subjected to any disadvantageous treatment. The privacy of helpline users is also protected when responding to surveys.