Cosmo Energy Group Management Vision

In striving for harmony and symbiosis between our planet, man and society,
we aim for sustainable growth towards a future of limitless possibilities.

Harmony and Symbiosis

Harmony and Symbiosis with the Global Environment

We regard problems of the global environment as some of the most important issues to be resolved by all human beings, and will take positive action to protect the earth's environment.

Harmony and Symbiosis between Energy and Society

As a company that shoulders part of Japan's energy supply, we see our mission as being to provide a reliable supply of safe and comfortable energy in awareness of the needs of consumers and society, and we aim to evolve further into a comprehensive energy supplier.

Harmony and Symbiosis between Companies and Society

Based on the perception that society is the bedrock for the existence of companies, we will respect the law and international rules and act with a fair and social conscience, while also taking positive action to contribute to society and aiming for comprehensive growth in harmony with society.

Creating Future Values

Creating the Value of “Customer First”

By developing and providing safe, reassuring products and services based on innovative ideas, we will raise levels of satisfaction in response to the wishes of consumers and users, and thereby enrich their lives.

Creating Value From the Diverse Ideas of the Individual

We will respect individual interests and concerns, as well as innovative ideas and value creation arising from a positive attitude of pioneering change.

Creating Value by Expressing Collective Wisdom

The entire Cosmo Energy Group will create new values and technologies by collectively sharing information, knowledge and experience, and collectively harmonizing individual self-realization.

Corporate Messages

A message to customer

A message to a society