Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The Cosmo Energy Group Management Vision is, “In striving for harmony and symbiosis between our planet, man and society, the Cosmo Energy Group aims for sustainable growth towards a future of limitless possibilities.” True to our Vision, we recognize that maintaining the quality and safety of our products and services forms the basis of trust in our company. The Cosmo Energy Group Code of Conduct expresses that products and services must be supplied with stability and safety to satisfy our customers and earn their confidence.

This Quality Policy is based on our Management Vision and Code of Conduct and outlines our basic approach to ensuring quality.

1. Compliance with applicable laws and internal rules

We comply with all relevant laws, regulations and standards related to the quality and safety of our products and services in the countries and regions where we conduct business. We also comply with all internal standards established for quality assurance.

2. Provision of safe and secure products and services

We provide safe and secure products and services by complying with relevant quality standards. This also includes labeling and providing information about product safety, preventing quality problems, and responding quickly and appropriately to quality issues.

3. Assurance of quality to meet customer needs

To provide useful, safe, and high-quality products and services that meet customer needs, we pay attention to customer feedback and strive for technological innovation. We also strive to maintain and improve the quality by assisting our employees to enhance their specialized knowledge and skills.

4. Promotion of quality assurance

We strive to continuously improve quality control activities while constantly developing the functions of our quality assurance processes. We also ask all business partners involved in the provision of our products and services to understand and comply with this policy.

5. Communication and education

We actively share this policy with officers, employees, business partners and other stakeholders. We fully educate all of our officers and employees to ensure that it is properly integrated into the business activities of the entire Group.

6. Dialogue with stakeholders

We maintain dialogue and engage in discussion with relevant stakeholders and respond to potential and actual impacts on quality.

7. Information disclosure

We disclose the progress and results of efforts in accordance with this policy on our website and in reports.

Established: September 20, 2022