Corporate History


1986 Apr. Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. was established through tripartite merger of Daikyo Oil Co., Ltd., Maruzen Petrochemical Co, Ltd.. and former Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd(Cosmo Refining)
Apr. Published the first in-house journal, “Cosmo”
Sep. Opened the Abu Dhabi office
1987 Jul. Launched a high-octane gasoline, Cosmo “Magnum 100”
1988 Jan. Established Cosmo Research Institute (CRI)
Jun. Launched the Cosmo original credit card, “Cosmo the Card”
Oct. Established Cosmo Trade & Service Co., Ltd.
1989 Oct. Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. merged with Asian Oil Co., Ltd.


1990 May. CRI received the Japan Petroleum Institute (JPI) Award for its “commercialization of high-performance alkaline detergent for lubricating oil"
Jun. Established Cosmo Lubricants (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Cosmic Oil Co., Ltd.
Sep. Completed co-generation facilities at Yokkaichi Refinery
1991 Jul.

Established Cosmo Oil International Pte., Ltd. 

Established Cosmo Oil (U.K.) PLC.

1992 Mar. Cosmo Oil, CRI and Cosmo Petrotech Co., Ltd. jointly won the Okochi Memorial Production Prize for the “development of a new high-performance detergent for lubricating oil"
May. Launched a high-octane gasoline, The Cosmo “Super Magnum” 
1993 Mar. Completed MTBE, Alkylation unit and recycle unit for used sulfuric acid facilities, and started commercial operations from March 28.
1994 Jan. Launched the first IR magazine, “C's MAIL" for Cosmo Oil shareholders
Feb. Cosmo Oil, CRI, the Research Association for Residual Oil Processing jointly won the Japan Institute of Energy Award for the “development and industrial application of a new residual oil hydrogenated cracking catalyst, and process development and practical application
Apr. Cosmo Honorary Chairman, Yoshiro Nakayama received the Independent Medal from the United Arab Emirates
Oct. Completed deep desulfurization unit for diesel fuel at Chiba Refinery.
Oct. Opened the China office
Dec. Introduced the industry's first 24-kl tank truck fleet
1995 Feb. Sakai Refinery received the Director-General of the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy Award
Apr. Cosmo Oil, CRI, and Heavy Oil Management Technical Research Association jointly won the Japan Industrial Technics Grand Prix and the Prime Minister Award for their joint development of the “new technology for residual oil cracking process"
Apr. Launched the new membership card, “SEE-YA CARD” for cash-paying customers
May. Cosmo Oil, CRI, Cosmo Petrotech and other partners jointly won the JPI Advanced for the development of the “viscous coupling oil"
Oct. Established Cosmo Lubricants (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
Oct. Established the Shonan Seminar House employee training center in Shonan Kokusai-mura in Yokosuka city, Kanagawa pref.
1996 May. Sakaide Refinery gained the ISO-9002 international quality management certificate
May. Acquired a crude oil development block in the Timor Sea, northwest of Australia
May. Cosmo Oil, CRI, and the Petroleum Energy Center (PEC) jointly won the JPI Award for their joint “development and industrial application of a new catalyst for residual fluid catalytic cracking unit"
Nov. Completed a distillate hydrodesulfurization unit in Sakai Refinery
Nov. Opened a new “White Station” drive-through dry-cleaning store in the suburbs of Motomachi, Yokohama city
1998 Feb. Launched the Orion Trader double-hulled tanker vessel
Mar. Chiba, Yokkaichi and Sakaide Refineries gained the ISO-14001 international environmental management certificates, respectively
Apr. Opened the first staffed self-service service station (SS) combined with the B-cle car care convenience store in Funabashi city, Chiba pref.
Jul. Established Cosmo Oil Lubricants Co., Ltd.
Oct. Started crude oil test-production in the offshore block in Qatar
1999 Jan. Cosmo Oil becomed the first in the Japanese oil industry to introduce debit card payment systems at its 2,000 SS's
May. Cosmo Oil and CRI jointly won the JPI Award for their joint development and industrial application of an innovative catalyst for the isomerization of light naphtha"
Jun. Completed eight order processing centers nationwide were consolidated into two - one for fuel products and the other for lubricant products
Aug. Developed the new “SS Order Card” for hearing impaired customers and distributed to organizations for the hearing impaired nationwide


2000 Apr. Started seriously working on developing oil-based fuel cells, a highly prominent next-generation highly efficient energy
Apr. Established Internet Business Department to grow Internet businesses at Cosmo Oil
Sep. Established Customer Center to provide an integrated contact for customer enquiries
Oct. Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. and Nippon Mitsubishi Oil Corp. (currently Nippon Oil Corp.) jointly established Nippon Global Tanker Co., Ltd. to integrate ocean transport services
Nov. Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd., Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., Iwatani International Corporation and Ube Industries, Ltd. jointly established Sakai LNG K.K., a company specialized in constructing and operating LNG terminals
Dec. Made a capital participation in LNG Chubu Corp. to start LNG marketing business
2001 Feb. Sakaide Refinery received the Director-General's National Resources and Energy Award in the Successful Cases of Energy Conservation 2000
Mar. Started the ETC service for “Cosmo The Card House” 
Apr. Developed a new stationary butane gas-fired fuel cell package for the home market for power generation testing
Apr. Started demonstration tests for a new micro gas turbine system firing petrochemical fuel
May. Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd. implemented the Zero Flare Project at its oil production facility for the first time in the Middle East region
Jun. Signed a CO_ emission option agreement with an Australian forestation company
Sep. Published its first “Environmental Report" in 2001
Dec. Launched the “Tropical Rain Forest Project” as part of its environmental contribution efforts
2002 Jan. Launched new “Cosmo The Card Eco” card to provide an opportunity for cardholders to participate in environmental protection
Feb. Established Cosmo Sea Farming Inc.
Mar. Introduced solar power generation systems into its affiliated service stations
Apr. Developed the Cosmo Quick Box, a new automated “Cosmo The Card” card issuance machine
May. Cosmo Oil received an excellent award in the 5th Green Reporting Award with its corporate “Environmental Report 2001” as the first to be awarded such in the oil industry
Jul. Leased a site for constructing a new “hydrogen supply station” for the Fuel Cell-Powered Vehicle Demonstration Research
Aug. Successfully developed a catalyst applicable to the GTL (Gas to Liquid) technology that could be used to manufacture liquid fuel from natural gas
2003 Apr. Singhed a memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Papua New Guinean government
Apr. Succeeded by reduction of excess sludge occurring in oil refinery
Jun. Decided diction of direction of environmental response and refining capacity optimization
Jun. Established Cosmo energy exploration & development Co., Ltd.
Sep. Shifted Qatar petroleum development project to development to commercial production
Oct. Started selling off-gas cleanup unit of diesel car
Nov. Succeeded in production of hydrogen for fuel cell vehicle from GTL oil
all year round Carried out "Cosmo Earth Conscious Act Clean Campaign" through the year
2004 Mar. Leased the first unit of Nissan's X-TRAIL FCV.
Apr. Opened the first pilot shop, Lub. Oil Exchange Plaza "Mr.Lio"
Jun. Recognised Tokyo Cosmo logistics Co., Ltd. to Cosmo delivery service Co., Ltd. and subsidized 100% and reinforced delivery service business basement
Sep. Nippon Oil Co., Ltd. (currently JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation) and Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. signed a cross-license agreement regarding fuel quality-related patents to strengthen their business alliance.
Oct. Established a company to produce and distribute products containing 5-Aminolevulinic Acid (ALA), expanded the product to overseas markets followed by domestic introduction.
Nov. Commenced commercial operation of Sakata Wind Power Plant
2006 Nov. Invested in Sophisticated Oil Refineries and Entry into the Wholesale Business of CARB-diesel on the West Coast Area of the US
Nov. Participated in Laffan Refinery Co., Ltd.
Dec. Mutual Utilization of New Facilities
2007 Apr. Made disaster-relief donations for victims of earthquake/tsunami in the solomon islands
Sep. Announced adjustment of conversion price
Sep. Announced change of major shareholders and "Other Related Companies"
Sep. Announced "Offer of Shares" to be issued by third-party allotment
Sep. Announced a strategic partnership between Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd., International Petroleum Investment Company and the Allotment of New Shares
Sep. Announced a strategic partnership between Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd., International Petroleum Investment Company
Oct. Noticed "Concerning the Amendment" to the forecast for interim business performance
Dec. Announced new executive appointments
2008 Jan. Started a new E&P project in Australia
Apr. Announced MOU in relation to the Strategic Cooperation of Oil Business between Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. and Hyundai Oilbank Co., Ltd.
Apr. Cosmo Oil Eco Card Fund supported "Living with Our Planet" Projects
Apr. Cosmo Oil Eco Card Fund - "Living with Our Planet" Projects The Fund Invites Global Warming Prevention Projects
Oct. Participated in the Block 11 EPSA in the State of Qatar
2009 Jun. Signed a memorandum of agreement between Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. and Hyundai Oilbank Co., Ltd. in relation to the establishment of a joint venture company and announcement of new entry into the Paraxylene Business
Sep. Commenced Laffan Refinery Production in Qatar
Oct. Signed Paraxylene joint venture agreement between Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. and Hyundai Oilbank Co., Ltd.


2010 Feb. Reduced CDU Nameplate Capacity
Feb. Acquired "Eco Power Co., Ltd. (Current: Cosmo Eco Power Co., Ltd)" Shares
Feb. Compled the ceremony for Coker Unit
Mar. Donated to Chile Earthquake Relief
Mar. Refinery Throughput for April - June 2010
May. Announced a basic policy for the fourth consolidated medium-term management plan (for Fiscal Years 2010-2012)
May. Agreed main terms and conditions for concession renewal and new concession aream
2011 Feb. Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd. (Japan) and United Arab Emirates signed a new concession agreement 
Mar. Donated to the victims of the earthquake in the Tohoku area
May. Qatar Petroleum Development Co., Ltd.(Japan) commenced oil production from A-Structure South Field in offshore Qatar, Middle East
May. Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd. sent Japanese Language Teachers to the High School in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Jun. The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency revoked self-certification of Chiba Refinery
Aug. Announced the overview of the Fire and Explosion at Chiba Refinery including the cause of the accident and the Action Plan for prevent recurrence
Oct. Announced MOU with Hyundai Oilbank Co., Ltd. in relation to strategic cooperation in technical and R&D areas
Dec. Lifted on Suspension of Use of LPG Tanks & LPG Related Loading Facilities at Chiba Refinery and received safety inspection certificate for several units at Chiba Refinery
2012 Jan. Resumed partial operations at Chiba Refinery
Mar. Start-Up of Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) at Chiba Refinery
Aug. Restructuring of Refinery Supply
Nov. Acquisition of Sojitz Energy Corporation
Nov. Hyundai Cosmo Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Completion of New Para-Xylene Production Unit
Dec. ADOC Commencement of New Concession Agreement
2013 Jan. Establishment of Joint Venture Company for Mega-Solar Business
Jan. Hyundai Cosmo Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (HCP) Production and Shipping from the New Para-Xylene Production Unit
Jan. Start-up of Partial Operations at Chiba Refinery
Apr. Investment in Laffan Refinery Company Limited 2
May. Signing MOU about the expansion of Japanese Language Teaching Program in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
May. Reciprocal backup supply system in the case of an emergency with Hyundai Oilbank
Jul. Implementation of Restructuring of Refinery Supply
Sep. Conclusion of Memorandum to Discuss Collaboration Opportunities at Cosmo Oil Chiba Refinery and Kyokuto Petroleum Industries Chiba Refinery
Dec. Commencement of Discussions Concerning Integration of LPG Retail Operations
Dec. Commencement of Discussions Concerning Integration of LPG Import and Wholesale Operations
Dec. Notice on Corporate Divestiture (Simple Incorporation-Type Separation)
2014 Jan. Announcement of Reserves in Exploration and Production Business
Jan. Strategic Comprehensive Cooperation with CEPSA in Oil Related Business
Jun. Renewal of Memorandum of Understanding for Sending Japanese Language Teachers To a High School in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Jun. Conclusion of Memorandum on Examination of Joint Business in Chiba Refineries
Aug. Conclusion of Contract for Consignment of Lubricant Product Manufacture
Aug. Agreement Concluded on Integration of LP Gas Import and Wholesale Operations
Aug. Agreement Concluded on Integration of LP Gas Retail Operations
Nov. Corporate Split by Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production Co., Ltd. and Transfer of 20% Shares in Subsidiary to CEPSA
Dec. Conclusion of Joint Venture Agreement in Relation to Collaboration in Chiba
2015 Feb. Announcement on Initiating Preparation for Transformation to a Holding Company
Mar. Notice of Financing by means of Subordinated Loan
May. Announcement on Incorporation of Holding Company through Sole Share Transfer and Group Reorganization
May. Introduction of Executives Stock Remuneration System in Cosmo Energy Holdings
May. Management Members after Transforming to Holding Company System
May. Organizational Restructuring and Restructuring of Affiliate Companies for smooth transforming to Holding Company
May. Business Partnership Between Cosmo Oil Co. LTD and Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. in Yokkaichi Region
Aug. Announcement on Making Sogo Energy a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Cosmo Oil via a Simplified Share Exchange
Oct. Cosmo Energy Holdings established.
Oct. Notification of Incorporation of "Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd." and Management Entity after Holdings Structure
Nov. Cosmo Energy to Pursue Absorption-type Company Split as it Transitions to a Business Structure Comprising a Holding Company and Three Core Operating Companies
2016 Mar. Announcement on Share Acquisition of Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Jul. Medal Conferment by the Solomon Islands
Nov. Announcement on equity participation to Cosmo ALA by neopharma LLC
Dec. Commencement of Laffan Refinery 2 Production in Qatar
2017 Feb. Announcement on Capital and Business Alliance
Mar. Refining Optimization


2020 Jun. NOTICE TO THE HOLDERS OF COSMO ENERGY HOLDINGS COMPANY, LIMITED (the “Company”) ¥60,000,000,000 Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds due 2022 (the “Bonds”)
2021 Mar. Cosmo Signs Joint Venture Agreement for Aomori Northwest (Aomori Seihoku-Oki) Offshore Wind Farm
Jun. NOTICE TO THE HOLDERS OF COSMO ENERGY HOLDINGS COMPANY, LIMITED (the “Company”) ¥60,000,000,000 Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds due 2022 (the “Bonds”)
Aug. Partial sales of shares by a substantially principal shareholder
Oct. Appointment of New Executive Officer and DX Strategy of the Cosmo Energy Group
2022 Jan. CEH and Masdar sign MoU to explore potential collaboration in decarbonization such as offshore wind power, hydrogen and ammonia
Mar. Notification Regarding Secondary Offering of Shares in the International Markets and Change of Principal Shareholder, Largest Shareholder (which is also a Principal Shareholder) and Other Affiliated Entities (PDF/161K)
Mar. Notification Regarding Determination of Offering Price and Other Matters (PDF/91.2K)
Mar. Cosmo Signs MOU with ADNOC to explore potential decarbonization initiatives
May. Cosmo to Commercialize Japan's First Biomass Mark-labeled Diesel Engine Oil COSMO DIESEL CARBONEUT 10W-30
Jun. Cosmo Oil Concludes Purchase Agreement for Blue Ammonia (*1) with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Jun. Cosmo Energy Switches to Electricity Essentially Generated From Renewable Energy Sources at 603 Directly Operated Service Stations and Related Sites Aims to Achieve Zero Power Use-Related CO2 Emissions and Reduce its Environmental Footprint
Jun. Equity Financing to Offshore Block 4 Exploration Project by JOGMEC
Jul. Cosmo Certified by METI as a DX-Certified Operator
Jul. Cosmo Oil Sets 2030 Annual Sustainable Aviation Fuel Goal
Jul. Launch of Joint Study on the Establishment of a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Manufacturing Business in Japan Using Alcohol to Jet (ATJ) Technology
Oct. Cosmo Energy Chooses Domo to Accelerate Data Democratization Across the Business
Nov. Cosmo, JOGMEC, and Abu Dhabi Oil Complete Verification Testing of a New Sludge Volume Reduction Technology ~Enabling 50% or More Reduction in Crude Oil Sludge~
Nov. SAFFAIRE SKY ENERGY LLC Established for the First Large-Scale Domestic Production of SAF
Dec. Cosmo Oil / Denka / Iwatani / JFE Steel / JNC / KH Neochem / Maruzen Petrochemical / UBE Elastomer / Ube Material Industries / Yokogawa Electric Signing of Memorandum of Understanding on Joint Study of Activities for the Realization of a Carbon Neutral Industrial Complex in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture