Digital Transformation (DX) at Cosmo

Message from CDO

At a time when companies are being called upon to provide new energy solutions that harness the power of digital technology, the Cosmo Energy Group is committed to undertaking business model reforms based on “Cosmo’s Vision House” in order to achieve more robust data-driven management.


We believe that bolstering our digital capabilities and promoting a corporate culture of change management is vital to enhancing the customer experience and rapidly upgrading our operations.


First, we must undertake the three actions outlined in “Cosmo’s Vision House” to enhance our digital capabilities: develop digital know-how and expertise, promote partnering, and strengthen our data utilization infrastructure. 


In addition, we need to cultivate digital talent, establish diversified organizations, and strike a balance between innovation and traditional corporate culture to promote change management as our other strategic pillar.

CDO (Chief Digital Officer)
at Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

Noriko Rzonca

Based the two core concepts of bolstering our digital capabilities and promoting change management, we will pursue "Cosmo's 5Cs," a set of five indicators to motivate individual employees as well as encourage them to change how they view DX and take ownership in the Group's DX efforts. 



DX at Cosmo involves active participation from everyone. We are dedicated to nurturing all of the approximately 7,000 Cosmo Energy Group employees into proficient data users who leverage data in their everyday work processes. Furthermore, we have set forth in our Seventh Medium-Term Management Plan the goal of "developing 900 core digital personnel" who will lead our data utilization efforts among data users in each department.


To achieve this, we launched the in-house training program, "COSMO Data Campus," and are working to cultivate digital talent. Core digital personnel will spearhead data collection, visualization, and analysis, ultimately bolstering the overall digital capabilities of the entire Group. 


Going forward, we will continue to develop our infrastructure for promoting data utilization  and cultivate digital talent to facilitate transformation of our business model through digital capabilities and change management.

Cosmo’s Vision House

We are working on enhancing the customer experience and upgrading our operations to transform our business model.

Cosmological Evolution to a next-generation business model through DX leveraging Cosmo's strengths

Long-Term Environmental Awareness

With the recent tightening of environmental regulations and the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, demand for renewable energy has been increasing at an accelerating pace. Furthermore, megatrends such as population decline and digitalization are rapidly changing, and the use of data – especially big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) – has become so widespread that it can greatly influence our business growth.


In this changing environment, the Cosmo Energy Group has adopted Oil & New ~Next Stage~ as the slogan of The Seventh Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan. Under the Plan, we will work to strengthen competitiveness through safe and stable operations and improved profitability in our Oil businesses, while providing new forms of value by transforming our conventional business model through the use of digital technology.


To realize the above, we will accelerate DX of the Cosmo Energy Group as a whole by building data utilization tools and platforms, pursing data-driven management, proactively working with various partners, creating diverse organizations, and fostering a global mindset among employees.

With energy transformation and digitalization associated with efforts to achieve carbon neutrality accelerating, the Cosmo Energy Group must respond to these developments.

Decreasing petroleum demand Evolving decarbonization technologies Widespread use of renewable energy Accelerated DX and advancements in human capital management

Basic Policy: Oil & New ~Next Stage~

Under The Seventh Medium-Term Management Plan, Oil & New ~Next Stage~, we will focus on the following four areas.

Secure profitability Expand New fields to drive growth Realize three-pronged capital policy Transform management foundation

DX Vision

We will leverage the capabilities we have built up as an energy supplier using digital technology to increase profitability. As a community enabler, we will also expand our business fields and revenue sources.

Digital-driven business model transformation

Performance Indicators

Under the Seventh Medium-Term Management Plan, we have set performance indicators to ensure the steady cultivation of digital talent.

Support system for cultivating digital talent and promoting DX

  • Core digital personnel Develop 900 core digital personnel by the end of FY2025
  • DX event participation Total 20,000 people per year
  • Number of DX Forum events 24 per year
  • Number of projects conducted with CDO CUP support Total of 60 over three years through the end of FY2025

・Core digital personnel

To cultivate core digital personnel who will lead data utilization efforts among data users in each department, we are rolling out the in-house training program "COSMO Data Campus." These individuals will spearhead data collection, visualization, and analysis, ultimately bolstering the overall digital capabilities of the entire Group. 


・DX events

We conduct various types of DX events, such as all-employee surveys to gauge their awareness of our DX efforts, as well as security and governance training programs.


・DX Forum

This information-oriented program seeks to improve the DX literacy of all Cosmo Energy Group employees, sharing information on the latest digital technologies, examples of their successful application, and other insights.


・CDO Cup

This internal program solicits DX ideas from within the Group, with a dedicated DX Taskforce supporting project implementation so that ideas come to fruition within the shortest possible timeframe.

COSMO Data Campus

Investment Plan / System Infrastructure

We plan to roughly double IT-related investments, including in the construction of data utilization infrastructure, compared to the previous medium-term management plan. We will develop infrastructure that contributes to productivity improvement in each of our businesses, business expansion into new fields, and successful data-driven management.

Digital Platform (Cloud based)

Promotion Framework / Partnering

In November 2021, the Cosmo Energy Group appointed Ms. Noriko Rzonca as Chief Digital Officer (CDO; currently Senior Executive Officer and CDO) from outside the company to coincide with the establishment of the Corporate DX Strategy Department. The department drives our business model transformation through the improvement of digital capabilities and promotion of change management. It also supports the building of necessary external partnerships and other activities to help promote DX.

Organizational structure for promoting DX

Organizational structure for promoting DX

Effective July 1, 2022, Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. officially became a DX-Certified Operator (DX-Ready) under the Digital Transformation (DX) Certification system established by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). 


Digital Transformation Certification