Editorial Policy and Reporting Scope

Reporting Period

April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024


Although this report covers activities in fiscal 2023, some information may be more recent.Some of the information may be from activities reported in FY2022, prior to the update.

Reporting Scope

This report covers Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., Cosmo Oil, Cosmo Oil Marketing, Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production, Maruzen Petrochemical, as well as 43 subsidiaries and affiliated companies.


The Group’s core operating companies are Cosmo Oil, Cosmo Oil Marketing, and Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production, and its semi-core operating company is Maruzen Petrochemical.


Companies directly managed by Cosmo Energy Holdings


However, some of the data in the report applies only to employees of Cosmo Oil, the core operating companies, or certain Group companies. In such cases, details are provided in footnotes.

Third-Party Assurance Report

In order to ensure the reliability of the Group’s environmental performance data, including GHG emissions, third-party verification has been obtained from Socotec Certification Japan, and we have released the corresponding Independent Assurance Report.


Independent Assurance Report

Report Issuance and Website Updates

Cosmo Report

October 2024; Previous report: October 2023; Next publication scheduled: Around October 2024 (published annually)


Sustainability website

June to November 2024; Previous update: October to November 2023; Next update scheduled: June to November 2025 (updated annually)

The Cosmo Report, plus IR andSustainability Websites

The Cosmo Report (PDF booklet edition) is designed for easy reading, and more details are available on the Group’s IR and sustainability pages.

In editing, we focus on priority issues with reference to the GRI Standards from the Global Reporting Initiative.


Contact Information

Sustainability Initiative Department, Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.


Email: cosmo_csr@cosmo-oil.co.jp


Please share your thoughts with us about the Cosmo Report and the Cosmo Energy Group's sustainability initiatives.

Cosmo Energy Holdings and Group Companies Covered by the Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan

Companies Directly Managed by Cosmo Energy Holdings (as of March 31, 2024)

Symbol meanings: ●…Consolidated subsidiary ■…Unconsolidated subsidiary and equity method affiliate

Holding Company

Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

Core Operating Companies

●Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production Co., Ltd.
Management of the Group’s oil exploration and production businesses


●Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
Comprehensive oil business activities


●Cosmo Oil Marketing Co., Ltd.
Petroleum product sales, and retail business, etc.

Semi-Core Operating Company

●Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Production and sales of petrochemical products

Affiliates of Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production Co., Ltd.
Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd. Exploration, production, and sales of crude oil
Qatar Petroleum Development Co., Ltd. Exploration, production, and sales of crude oil
Cosmo E&P Albahriya Limited Exploration and assessment of potential crude oil reserves
Cosmo E&P USA Inc. Investigation of lithium resource development
Affiliates of Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
Cosmo Matsuyama Oil Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of petrochemical products, as well as storage and receiving of petroleum products
CM Aromatics Co., Ltd. Petrochemicals manufacturing
Hokuto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Operations within logistics sites, transportation and sales of petroleum products, as well as construction and installation contracts
Cosmo Kaiun Co., Ltd. Marine transport of petroleum products
Cosmo Petro Service Co., Ltd. Refinery onsite operations
Cosmo Techno Yokkaichi Co., Ltd. Refinery onsite operations and transport
Cosmo Refinery Support Sakai Co., Ltd. Refinery onsite operations and cargo handling
Sakaide Cosmo Kosan Co., Ltd. Logistics site operations and cargo handling
Cosmo Oil International Pte. Ltd. Purchase and sales of crude oil and petroleum products
Cosmo Oil of U.S.A. Inc. Purchase and sales of petroleum products
Kitagas Fureasuto Hakodate Minami Co., Ltd. Sales and inspection of gas appliances
Chiba Cosmo Koun Co., Ltd. Ship agency services
Saffaire Sky Energy Manufacture and sales of biofuels and bioproducts
Affiliates of Cosmo Oil Marketing Co., Ltd.
Cosmo Oil Sales Corporation Brokerage sales of petroleum products
Cosmo Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. Sales of petroleum products, environmental products, and materials
Cosmo Oil Property Service Co., Ltd. Real estate management related to management and rental of service station equipment, etc.
Osadano Gas Center Co., Ltd. Supply and sales of municipal gas
Tocos Car Support Corporation Gas station management and operation
Cosmo Reform Co., Ltd. Building construction and renovation, etc.
Amtecs Co., Ltd. Sales of car maintenance equipment
Affiliates of Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Keiyo Ethylene Co., Ltd. Manufacture, processing, and sales of basic petrochemical products
Maruzen Chemical Trading Co., Ltd. Sales of petrochemical products, materials, and lifestyle-related products
Sunplac Corporation Manufacture and sales of plastic products
Sunplac Thailand Co.,Ltd. Manufacture and sales of plastic products
Maruzen America Inc. Sales and technical service agency for export products
Other Affiliated Companies
Cosmo Oil Lubricants Co., Ltd. Research, manufacturing, and sales of lubricating oils and greases
Cosmo Lube Service Co., Ltd. Factory premises work
Cosmo Engineering Co., Ltd. Construction and installation contracting
Cosmo Iwatani Hydrogen Engineering LLC Construction and installation contracting
Cosmo Trade & Service Co., Ltd. Contract construction/installation for gas stations, agency services for various insurance, and leasing
Cosmo Business Associates Co., Ltd. Outsourcing services for accounting, finance, purchasing, general affairs, and human resources, as well as real estate management, brokerage, and rental services
Cosmo Oil Europe B.V. Business development support and business investment outside Japan
Cosmo Eco Power Co., Ltd. Wind power generation business
Ikata Eco Park Co., Ltd. Wind power generation business