Questions concerning Cosmo Oil's financial results and financial position

Please look at the "Management Policy" documents prepared for the financial results presentation.
Integrated Report(COSMO REPORT)
Quarterly Results

The accounts are closed at the end of March, and the financial results are announced in May, with the first half results announced in November. We will announce the details on this website as soon as the schedule is settled.
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Video streaming of the Presentation of the Financial Results can be seen on our website. Also, all distributed materials can be downloaded from our homepage.
Quarterly Results

Please view the listed Overviews of Business Results, Presentation Materials and COSMO Reports.
Integrated Report(COSMO REPORT)

Please refer to the "Overview of Business Results" and the "Presentation materials".
Reports and Presentation
Integrated Report(COSMO REPORT)

Please refer to the corporate bond information.
Corporate Bond Information

Questions concerning Cosmo Oil

The Company was established in April 1986 through the merger of Daikyo Oil Co., Maruzen Oil Co. and the former Cosmo Oil Co.
Corporate History

The company was listed on October 1, 2015 as the holding company of the Cosmo Energy Group.

Please refer to the following.
List of Group Companies

Questions concerning shares

It is 5021.

Stock is traded in 100 share lots.

Ordinary general meeting are held at June every year. Please refer to Notice of Convocation or IR Calendar for details.
General Meeting of Shareholders
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Please refer to the Basic Policy regarding Earnings and Dividend.