Analyst Coverage

Analysts who have issued reports concerning Cosmo in the past year

Firm(in alphabetical order)Analyst
Daiwa SecuritiesSyusaku Nishikawa
Jefferies JapanThanh Ha Pham,
Shun Igarashi
JPMorgan Securities JapanChika Fukumoto
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley SecuritiesReiji Ogino
Mizuho SecuritiesNorimasa Shinya
Nomura SecuritiesShinichi Yamazaki
SMBC Nikko SecuritiesKoji Kamichika

The above list is provided only for the purposes of informing investors of the names of analysts and related brokerage firms that provide analyses and forecasts of Cosmo's business performance. This list is not intended to induce or recommend the purchase or sale of Cosmo's shares.


This list may not be complete and is subject to change as companies add or delete coverage of Cosmo. Furthermore, it is possible that not all of the information provided by these analysts is current and there may be inconsistencies.


Cosmo does not distribute copies of analysts' reports, and any reliance by investors on these reports is at their own risk.