Renewable Energy Business

Business Overview

Cosmo Eco Power, a Group company, spearheads our Renewable Energy Business as a pioneer in wind power generation in Japan. Since its founding in 1997, the company has been working to build a system capable of developing wind power generation sites and designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining wind power plants in an integrated manner. Taking advantage of this strength, we are working to expand our onshore wind power generation business further while actively engaging in offshore wind power generation projects.

Business Strategy

With the Japanese government laying out a policy of expanding wind power generation as much as possible to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, it is expected that a large-scale market will form in the future due to the easing of various regulations and the establishment of new laws. As a company specialized in wind power generation, Cosmo Eco Power boasts the third largest share of the domestic onshore wind power generation market. We are striving to expand our business further by leveraging our expertise built up in this field to date in offshore wind power generation as well.

Identified Risks

  • Changes to government policies and institutions related to renewable energy
  • Decline in profitability resulting from intensified competition
  • The offshore wind power generation industry is still in its infancy.


  • Renewable energy will be the main power source towards the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Government-led promotion of wind power generation
    (including power grid development, changing rules on power feeding, and the easing of regulations)
  • Expansion of offshore wind market
    (Establishing projects with a total capacity of 10 GW by 2030 and projects with a total capacity of 30 GW to 45GW including floating windmills by 2040)*1
  • Expansion of the onshore wind market
    (Expected total capacity: 15.9 GW*2 In 2030)


*1 Source: Energy Klhon Kelkaku (Basic Energy Plan) published In October 2021

*2 Source: 2030 nendo ni okeru energy Jukyu-no mitosh (kanren shiryo) (Outlook for energy supply and demand In FY2030 (related document)) published In October 2021




  • Japan's first company specialized in wind power generation with a track record of more than 20 years of operation
  • Already operating projects with a capacity of 300,000 kW, we can expand further by building on our expertise.




  • Leading the industry, we are advancing multiple projects including offshore sites under construction and projects under development.
  • Partnership with Iberdrola and acquisition of expertise in overseas operations

In an offshore wind project, in which Cosmo Eco Power is the largest equity investor, we have partnered with Iberdrola*, the world’s largest operator of wind power generation facilities. Through this, we are striving to improve business viability and increase our competitiveness by acquiring expertise from our overseas partner.

The Cosmo Energy Group will achieve a wind power plant capacity of more than 1.5 million kW, including at both onshore and offshore plants, by 2030, aiming to be the leading company in wind power generation.

*  Leading Spanish power company with one of the largest wind power generation facilities in the world