Safety Policy

Safety Policy

The Cosmo Energy Group Management Vision is, “In striving for harmony and symbiosis between our planet, man and society, the Cosmo Energy Group aims for sustainable growth towards a future of limitless possibilities.” True to our Vision, we recognize that maintaining safety and zero-accidents is one of the top priorities for the Group to address. That is why the first chapter of the Cosmo Energy Group Code of Conduct expresses our commitment to work to ensure safety and security as the top priority in our business activities. This Safety Policy is based on our Management Vision and Code of Conduct and outlines our basic approach to ensuring safety.

1. Compliance with applicable laws and internal rules

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations related to safety and health in the countries and regions where we conduct business. We also comply with all internal rules established to maintain safe operations.

2. Creation of safe and comfortable working environments

We strive to ensure safety and health in the workplace by encouraging every person to practice safe conduct, continually improving our working environments, and implementing comprehensive health management.

3. Prevention of occupational injuries and accidents

In order to ensure safe operations and stable supply, we maintain a safety management system and strive to prevent work-related injuries and accidents. We achieve this by appropriately maintaining equipment, ensuring full participation in safety management activities and continuous improvement efforts, and promoting good workplace communication, including with business partners.

4. Preparation for accidents and disasters

We prepare for accidents and disasters by implementing thorough crisis management based on the development of an emergency response system that prioritizes safety. We also maintain disaster prevention equipment properly, and conduct effective disaster drills on a regular basis. In the event of an accident or disaster, we place the highest priority on human safety. We also take responsibility for promptly reporting and communicating, for minimizing damage, and for preventing secondary disasters.

5. Communication and education

We actively share this policy with officers, employees, business partners and other stakeholders. We fully educate all of our officers and employees, as well as the personnel of business partners, on this policy to ensure that it is properly integrated into the business activities of the entire Group, to protect the safety of all stakeholders.

6. External evaluation

We receive safety evaluations and audits by government and third-party organizations. We also work to further improve safety levels by promptly and appropriately responding to all issues that are identified.

7. Information disclosure

We disclose the progress and results of efforts in accordance with this policy on our website and in reports.

Established: September 20, 2022