Sustainability Report 2008

cover  Sustainability Report 2008 


Contents/Editorial Policy/Scope and Period Covered/Other Publications(PDF/155KB)

Outline of the Cosmo Oil Group(PDF/177KB)

Oil Business Flow and Group Summary(PDF/223KB)


Top Management Commitment(PDF/98KB)


Special Feature 1 : Realizing the Group's Ambition to Inspire(PDF/602KB)

Special Feature 2 : Relationships with Oil-producing Countries for Procuring a Stable Supply(PDF/246KB)

Special Feature 3 : Beneficial Aspects of ALA Put to Work for the Environment(PDF/228KB)


CSR Management

The Cosmo Oil Group's CSR Management(PDF/220KB)

Corporate Governance(PDF/133KB)

Compliance and Risk Management(PDF/138KB)

Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan and CSR Promotion(PDF/249KB)


Safety Report

Initiatives for Safety(PDF/179KB)

Safety Activities in Fiscal 2007(PDF/174KB)


Environmental Report

Comprehensive Overview of Environmental Activities(PDF/79KB)

Environmental Management System(PDF/115KB)

Environmental Impacts of Business Activities(PDF/219KB)

Efforts to Prevent Global Warming(PDF/277KB)

Pollutant Control and Waste Management(PDF/135KB)

Soil Preservation(PDF/150KB)

Environmental Preservation Measures(PDF/182KB)


Communications Report

Status of Communication Activities(PDF/63KB)

Activities through the Cosmo Oil Eco Card Fund(PDF/161KB)

Spreading the Message on the Environment(PDF/87KB)

Activities Centered on Children, the Environment, and Society(PDF/156KB)


Social Report

Together with Stakeholders(PDF/97KB)

Relationships with Our Customers(PDF/215KB)

Relationships with Our Shareholders and Investors(PDF/151KB)

Relationships with Our Employees(PDF/145KB)

Relationships with Local Communities(PDF/119KB)

Relationships with the International Community and Oil-Producing Countries(PDF/80KB)


Independent Review Report(PDF/461KB)

GRI Content Index(PDF/123KB)


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