Environmental Report 2002

cover  Environmental Report 2002


Editorial Policy and Scope of Report(PDF/55KB)

Fiscal Year 2001 Highlights(PDF/39KB)

Message from the Chairman(PDF/750KB)

Mid-and Long-term Vision and Organization(PDF/125KB)

Vision and Medium-term Environmental Plan(PDF/86KB)


Aiming to Become an Environmentally Advanced Company

Effective Use of Oil Resources(PDF/90KB)

Reduction of Environmental Impacts from Business Operations(PDF/127KB)

Reduction of Environmental Impacts from the Customer Use of Products(PDF/71KB)

Development of Multi-energy Projects(PDF/123KB)

Challenging Global Warming(PDF/51KB)

Expansion of Environmental Business(PDF/183KB)


Environmental Protection Activities

Action Plan and Results for FY 2001(PDF/54KB)

EMS and Safety Activities at Oil Refineries(PDF/138KB)

Reduction of Environmental Impacts(PDF/124KB)

Environmental Accounting(PDF/94KB)


Environmental and Social Performance

Recognition of the Environmental Impacts from Business Activities(PDF/303KB)

Production and Transport of Crude Oil(PDF/449KB)

Oil Refineries(PDF/290KB)


Service Stations(PDF/199KB)


Programs for Employees(PDF/36KB)

Relationships with Customers(PDF/149KB)

Social Contributions(PDF/404KB)

International Cooperation(PDF/151KB)

Public Relations Activities(PDF/319KB)


Economic Performance

Corporate Profile and Economic Performance(PDF/89KB)


Data by Site

Chiba Oil Refinery(PDF/159KB)

Yokkaichi Oil Refinery(PDF/164KB)

Sakai Oil Refinery(PDF/175KB)

Sakaide Oil Refinery(PDF/144KB)

Cosmo Matsuyama Oil(PDF/56KB)

Research and Development Center/Cosmo Oil Lubricants(PDF/52KB)


Steps in Environmental Protection Activities(PDF/164KB)


Independent Review Report(PDF/91KB)

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