COSMO REPORT 2022 (PDF Download)

cover:COSMO REPORT 2022

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An energy company building a sustainable, prosperous society (PDF/960K)


History of Value Creation (PDF/604K)

History of Value Creation (PDF/501K)

Message from CEO (PDF/0.97M)

Progress of the Sixth Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan (PDF/609K)

Issues that materially impact the Cosmo Energy Group and the Consolidated Medium-Term Sustainability Management Plan (PDF/522K)

Major Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Used as Targets (PDF/458K)

Financial Strategy and Financial Report (PDF/540K)

Making the Cosmo Energy Group Sustainable, Aiming to Build a Sustainable Society (PDF/1.85M)


Oil Exploration and Production Business (PDF/1.01M)

Petroleum Business (PDF/905K)

Petrochemical Business (PDF/1.22M)

Renewable Energy Business (PDF/819K)


Cosmo Energy Group's Sustainable Management (PDF/513K)

Engagement with the Environment (PDF/589K)

Engagement with Employees (PDF/561K)

Engagement with Customers (PDF/815K)

Ensuring Safety Measures (PDF/526K)

Strengthening Corporate Governance Structure (PDF/519K)

Corporate Governance (PDF/534K)

Directors and Executive Officers (PDF/692K)

Status of Attendance at Board of Directors’ Meetings and the Skills Matrix of Directors and Executive Officers (PDF/547K)

Aggressive Management and Defensive Governance (PDF/727K)

11-Year Selected Financial and Operating Data (PDF/460K)

Consolidated Balance Sheet (PDF/448K)

Consolidated Statements of Income and Comprehensive Income (PDF/448K)

Major Indicators (PDF/468K)

Corporate Data (PDF/458K)

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