Integrated Report(COSMO REPORT)

Fiscal Year 2023


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  • Cosmo Energy Group Management Vision
  • Vision 2030 / Oil & New ~Next Stage~
  • History of Value Creation
  • Message from the CEO
  • Initiatives to Enhance Enterprise Value
  • Value Creation Model
  • Vision 2030 and the Seventh Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Message from the CFO
  • Management Discussion and Analysis
  • Cosmo Energy Group Businesses
  • Business Overview
  • Petroleum Business
  • Petrochemical Business
  • Oil Exploration and Production Business
  • Renewable Energy Business
  • Special Interview: Sustainability in an energy company working to meet the challenge of realizing net zero carbon emissions
  • Sustainable Management at the Cosmo Energy Group
  • Message from the Executive Officer in Charge of Sustainability
  • Initiatives to Promote Sustainability
  • Material Issues of the Cosmo Energy Group and Results of the Consolidated Medium-Term Sustainability Management Plan
  • KPIs for Material Issues in the Seventh Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Climate Change Countermeasures
  • TCFD
  • Provision of Clean Energy, Products, and Services
  • Promoting the Success of Human Resources, Health, and Job Satisfaction
  • Human Rights
  • Commitment to Compliance and Sharing of Philosophy and Values
  • Strengthening of Group Risk Management
  • Digital Transformation (DX)
  • Safe Operations and Stable Supply
  • Corporate Governance
  • Outside Director Dialogue
  • Directors and Executive Officers
  • Skills Matrix
  • Eleven-Year Selected Financial and Operating Data
  • Share Information and Corporate Data

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