Social Contribution Activities

Cosmo Waku Waku Camp

Every year we organize the Cosmo Waku Waku Camp, an outdoor nature program for elementary school-aged children who have lost one or both parents due to a traffic accident.

Charity Jazz Concert

We cosponsor a charity jazz concert that helps fund accommodations for children with chronic life-threatening and life-shortening illnesses and their family members.

Cosmo Eka-Kids

We run programs at children’s homes designed to facilitate communication between the Cosmo Group and the children who reside there

Happy Doll Project

This collaborative art program aims to bring a smile to the faces of hospitalized patients through the making of Happy Dolls.

ハッピードール プロジェクト 

Desert Moon Concert

We support the Desert Moon concert series which seeks to share the music and culture of the Middle East with as wide an audience as possible.