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COSMO REPORT 2023 wins Award for Excellence at the Nikkei Integrated Report Award 2023

March 6, 2024 

Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.


Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (Shigeru Yamada, Representative Director and Group CEO) has been awarded the Award for Excellence in the Nikkei Integrated Report Award 2023 sponsored by Nikkei Inc.


The Nikkei Integrated Report Award was renamed in 2021 from the Nikkei Annual Report Award, which has been held since 1998 to further enhance and promote the annual reports published by Japanese companies. They are aiming to help companies improve the level of their information disclosure by reviewing and evaluating the Integrated Report that integrate financial and non-financial information.


The main theme of the COSMO REPORT 2023 was the 7th Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan (hereafter “7th MTMP”) announced in March 2023, with the production policy of further reflecting the opinions and interests of capital markets. Based on the needs of the capital markets that were interviewed when the 7th MTMP was formulated, we have compiled our direction in an easy-to-understand manner with story-based content, focusing on our own strengths and financial and non-financial information. We believe that the results of our ongoing dialogue with the capital markets led to the success of this award. We will continue to further work on disclosure in response to many stakeholders needs. *

(Excerpts from the judges' comments)

  • In Message from CEO, it is excellent that a clear statement that its greatest mission as Group CEO is to "Create new growth drivers for the Cosmo Energy Group that are not merely an extension of the past and to achieve sustainable growth." and it is talking in detail about what is needed to increase enterprise value in light of the current situation.
  • We have a deeper understanding the 7th MTMP and Vision 2030, as they describe anticipated changes in the external environment, corporate initiatives, and management goals in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • With regard to the 7th MTMP, investors are easy to draw up an image of cash flow because it sufficiently explains the profit plan, investment plan, and capital policy.


* COSMO REPORT 2023 was also chosen for the "Most-improved Integrated Reports" selected by GPIF's Asset Managers Entrusted with Domestic Equity Investment.

COSMO REPORT/Annual report/Fact book




(Reference) Review Results of the Nikkei Integrated Report Award 2023 (Japanese only)


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