Cosmo Oil Marketing Press release

Cosmo Oil Marketing Obtains PrivacyMark Certification

March 18, 2024

Cosmo Oil Marketing Co., Ltd.


Cosmo Oil Marketing Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “the Company”) is pleased to announce that it obtained PrivacyMark certification on February 21 of this year. 

The Company is entrusted with the valuable personal information of its customers across a wide range of services, including Cosmo The Card and Cosmo My Car Lease. Recognizing that the personal information it handles in the course of its business activities related to each service is an important personal asset, the Company has been taking measures to protect such information based on the belief that it has a social responsibility to do so.  

The Company has obtained PrivacyMark certification as part of its efforts to reinforce its personal information protection system. In order to remain a company that lives up to the trust placed in it by its customers and whose services they can use safely and with peace of mind, the Company will continue to appropriately protect and manage personal information, with an even greater degree of due care, and to continuously strengthen and improve this system.




・Certification Number: No. 25000231 (01)

・Certifying Body: JIPDEC

 ※For details on the PrivacyMark System, please refer to