Green Purchasing

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Our Products and Services

As part of its efforts to preserve the environment, the Cosmo Energy Group aims to reduce the environmental impact associated with the manufacturing, use, and disposal of products as well as with the provision of services to companies. We actively promote green purchasing by procuring goods that have a low impact on the global environment, and by doing business with environmentally friendly suppliers.

Implementation Method

When performing purchasing activities, Cosmo Energy Holdings and its three core operating companies1 make comprehensive decisions based not only on quality, price, and delivery time, but also on a green assessment. This kind of assessment represents a comprehensive evaluation of the following two points.


1. Cosmo Oil, Cosmo Oil Marketing and Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production

1. Product environmental characteristics

Green assessment targets
  1. Consumables, etc. (copy paper, office supplies, lighting, fixtures and fittings, office furniture, copiers, and automobiles)
  2. Construction, materials and equipment (for refineries, distribution terminals, oil depots, and service stations)
  3. Information system equipment (computers, printers, scanners, magnetic disks, displays, and communication devices, etc.)
  4. Sales promotion products
Assessment method
Evaluation of the environmental characteristics according to our Environmental Considerations for Goods.

2. Supplier environmental initiatives

Green assessment targets

Suppliers providing goods (excluding crude oil and petroleum products) and services

Assessment method

Evaluation of environmental initiatives based on information received from the supplier through our Supplier Assessment Points questionnaire.

Note: Existing suppliers of the Group have been asked to complete the questionnaire survey, and new suppliers are also asked to do the same.

Green Purchasing Initiatives for Office Supplies

As part of its Eco Office activities, the Group is reducing power consumption in its offices, while promoting green purchasing of specific office supplies. We monitor the green performance of each Group company and office to promote the purchase of environmentally friendly products.
The Group is working to achieve a green purchasing rate of 80% or higher.