Quality Management and Quality Assurance Structure

Quality Management and Quality Assurance Structure

Quality Management

Chapter 2 of the Cosmo Energy Group Code of Conduct states, “We live up to customer expectations concerning reliability and satisfaction.” It is our mission to deliver products and services that meet customer expectations concerning reliability and satisfaction in a stable manner. Our Quality Policy sets out our fundamental approach to quality, based on our Code of Conduct, which states that we actively and continuously strive to maintain the quality and ensure the safety of our products and services.

The Cosmo Energy Group engages in quality assurance activities to maintain and improve the quality of products and services that fulfill customer needs. We have introduced a quality management system in our manufacturing departments and plants to ensure the quality of the products and services we provide. We have obtained ISO 9001 certification at eight of our refineries and plants. In addition to conducting internal audits, we undergo external inspections to verify the implementation of initiatives to maintain quality and ensure safety, as well as legal compliance.

ISO 9001 Certified Sites

Site nameAcquisition dateRenewal date
Chiba Refinery, Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.December 1996March 2023
Yokkaichi Refinery, Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.March 1997March 2022
Sakai Refinery, Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.February 1997April 2020
Cosmo Matsuyama Oil Co., Ltd.November 1997December 2019
Chiba Plant, Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd.November 1997November 2020
Yokkaichi Plant, Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd.March 1999December 2021
Shimotsu Plant, Cosmo Oil Lubricants Co., Ltd.May 1997June 2020
Osaka Plant, Cosmo Oil Lubricants Co., Ltd.March 1997June 2021

We implement safety and environmental inspections at least once a year at the Chiba Refinery, Yokkaichi Refinery, and Sakai Refinery of Cosmo Oil, and at Cosmo Matsuyama Oil, and at least once every two years at the Oritsu Plant and Osaka Plant of Cosmo Oil Lubricants.
We also conduct environmental and safety audits at least once a year at the Chiba Plant and Yokkaichi Plant of Maruzen Petrochemical.

Ensuring the Reliability of Petroleum Products

Based on the Cosmo Energy Group’s Quality Policy, the Sustainability Strategy Committee at Cosmo Energy Holdings sets quality targets for the entire Group. Cosmo Oil also has a Sustainability Promotion Committee, which determines quality assurance policies and promotes activities in line with Group quality targets.


In fiscal 2022, we made the prevention of serious product (quality) accidents a KPI and stepped up our quality control activities. Our refineries and plants continued to maintain a record of zero serious quality-related issues and shipments of non-conforming products.


Cosmo Oil and Cosmo Oil Marketing have established committees related to quality assurance to decide on quality assurance policy and promote activities in order to provide safe products that meet the quality requirements of customers in an economical, stable manner. The committees of the two companies work with the Sustainability Strategy Committee at Cosmo Energy Holdings, forming the Group quality assurance structure.

quality assurance structure

Note: Cosmo Oil had a CS and Quality Assurance Committee, which became the Sustainability Promotion Committee in April 2022.