Engaging with the International Community

Conducting Technical Exchanges with Other Countries

Cosmo Oil strives to develop and maintain friendly relations with other countries, especially oil-producing nations, by conducting personnel exchanges and offering technical cooperation in downstream oil operations. The company provides technical support to these countries utilizing the subsidy system of the Japan Cooperation Center for Petroleum and Sustainable Energy (JCCP), and these efforts have been well received by partner nations.

In fiscal 2022, company representatives visited oil company offices in Thailand, the Philippines, and the UAE, providing technical cooperation, training, and personnel exchanges related to oil refining operations. In addition to conventional oil operations, Cosmo Oil is exploring ways to collaborate on shared global issues by exchanging information and discussing decarbonization measures and technologies to address climate change.

Moreover, representatives of Vietnamese oil companies have been invited to Japan for training on energy conservation initiatives. The company actively participates in training seminars and workshops sponsored by the JCCP, and continues to engage in a wide range of activities with other countries.

Overseas Technical Cooperation Activities in Fiscal 2022

TypeCountryActivity details
Technical cooperation projectThailandJoint project for optimization of refinery operations
PhilippinesProject to confirm support for refinery operation optimization
UAEJoint project to strengthen oil spill prevention capabilities
TrainingVietnamEnergy saving initiatives
Various countriesCarbon neutral initiatives
Lecturer visitsVarious countriesRetail business sales strategy
Various countriesCarbon neutral initiatives

Fiscal 2022 Overseas Technical Cooperation Activity Committees and Workshops

Committee participationWomen’s Friendship Committee for Career Development
Workshop participationWorkshops for technical exchange between refineries in Japan and Saudi Arabia