Health Management Initiatives

Health Management Declaration

Based on the Cosmo Energy Group Management Vision, “In striving for harmony and symbiosis between our planet, man and society, we aim for sustainable growth towards a future of limitless possibilities,” the Group aims to enhance the lives of its customers by providing stable supplies of energy.
In order to deliver high-quality products and services with safety and reliability, we must create workplaces in which employees can maintain their physical and mental health, while demonstrating their full potential. The Group believes that promoting the health of employees and their families will lead to the improvement of corporate value. Based on the priority areas, “Managing health” and “Practicing health and safety,” in its Code of Conduct, the Group has declared its commitment to promoting employee health management.

Shigeru Yamada
Representative Director, Group CEO
Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

The Cosmo Energy Group understands that the physical and mental health of its human resources are the source of value creation and the foundation of sustainable growth. To ensure that our executives and employees remain healthy both physically and mentally, the Health Management Policy outlines our health management initiatives.

Purposes of Health Management

(1)Building a responsible, sustainable company
We create workplaces where employees can maintain their health and work with enthusiasm, seeking to remain a responsible company that employees and their families can be proud of, and to be a company that grows sustainably.
(2)Promoting physical and mental health for employees in order to contribute to society
Employees and their families leading healthy lives is fundamental to employee performance, and ultimately on our safe and stable operations. We believe that this also contributes to society as a whole and to the environment, and we will continue to promote a variety of health initiatives for employees.
(3)Enhancing productivity through work-style reform and health improvement
With the aim of reducing total working hours and achieving a 100% paid leave usage rate, we improve employee productivity and work-life balance by implementing a range of measures. These include telework options and encouraging morning work instead of evening overtime. We seek to improve productivity by building workplaces where employees can maintain their physical and mental health while demonstrating their full potential.

Health Promotion System

Main Initiatives

  • Employee health management Implementing a range of work-life balance programs
     100% health check-up participation rate and adoption of special health guidance
  • To improve the health of individuals and prevent harm from second-hand smoke, smoking is banned during working hours (and we offer a smoking cessation support program)
  • Study group on appropriate management of working hours: Members from the HR department and labor union meet once monthly
  • Stress check-ups
  • Mental health measures that include a 24-hour consultation line and a return-to-work program
  • Health seminars for high-risk individuals (nutrition talks, and quick physical training)
  • Get more details on work-life balance programs.
    Creating Supportive Workplaces

Certified as a Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization in 2023

For the fifth consecutive year, Cosmo Energy Holdings and its Group companies Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production, Cosmo Oil, Cosmo Oil Marketing, Cosmo Oil Lubricants, and Cosmo Business Associates have been recognized as Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (Large Enterprise Category) in 2023. The certification is granted by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to companies with excellent health and productivity management initiatives.

Obtained the Highest Level in the Employees’ Health Management Rated Loan Program of the Development Bank of Japan

Under the Employees’ Health Management Rated Loan Program provided by the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ), Cosmo Energy Holdings obtained the highest rating level in recognition of its outstanding initiatives for employee health.

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Mental and Physical Health Care

Together with its Health Insurance Society, the Cosmo Energy Group has been working diligently to ensure that employees who need to undergo specific health check-ups and follow special health guidance actually do so. The guidance adoption rate in fiscal 2021 was 21%, and we are working to improve this by setting a target of 40%, aiming to double the adoption level.

The Group and its Health Insurance Society have also been conducting employee stress check-ups since December 2015. The fiscal 2022 participation rate was 98%, exceeding our target of 95%.

During stress check-ups, we also look at absenteeism, presenteeism, and work engagement. In the area of absenteeism, approximately 87% of employees took five days or less of paid annual leave due to getting sick in fiscal 2022. The average work engagement score was approximately 49.

The Cosmo Energy Group Health Insurance Society has a dedicated health consultation line for insured employees and their dependents. The service can be accessed by telephone or online, and expert staff provide consultations and second opinions on all health matters.

The Group also established a mental health counseling service in fiscal 2021. Employees are now able to access counseling services from qualified clinical psychologists.


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