Pursuing Greater Customer Satisfaction

Service Station CSR Initiatives

With a slogan of “Filling up your hearts, too,” the service stations operated by Cosmo Oil Marketing are committed to the three Cosmo Group promises: comfort, peace of mind, and trust. In order for the Cosmo brand to gain further support from customers, the company is conducting a CSR achievement analysis as part of its CSR activities, including verifying thorough compliance and measures to protect the environment. The CSR analysis includes environmental management surveys to understand the management status of service station equipment with potential environmental impact, covering areas such as oil leak prevention, containment, and contamination mitigation. There is also a personal information protection survey to ensure that personal information is being managed appropriately. In this way, Cosmo Oil Marketing is doing its utmost to uncover any issues and make improvements. The results of the fiscal 2022 environmental management survey and personal information protection survey showed that the percentage of service stations that achieved the target score of 100 fell by 7.4 points in the environmental management survey, and by 11.2 points in the personal information protection survey, compared to the previous year.

Before the start of the fiscal 2023 CSR achievement analysis, the company conducted relevant training in September 2023, and made necessary improvements.

Improving Customer Service Quality

Every fiscal year since 2017, Cosmo Oil Marketing has been holding its Cosmo My Car Lease Nationwide Role-Playing Competition. As part of this opportunity for employees to improve their customer approach skills for car leasing and motoring lifestyle products, area qualifying rounds are held across the country for staff from service stations that participate in Cosmo My Car Lease. The qualifiers then go on to the nationwide competition. Those who make it to the finals are highly skilled and have worked hard every day to develop outstanding abilities, including excellent customer service skills that they can adapt to any situation. Due to the popularity of this annual event, the company will continue to hold the competition as part of its efforts to improve My Car Lease customer approach skills.

Enhanced Customer Support System

The Cosmo Oil Customer Center is a call center for customer feedback open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fiscal 2022, it received a total of 23,269 inquiries and complaints, an increase of 4,584 calls from the previous year. We will redouble our efforts to provide customer service that satisfies our customers, based on our slogan of “Filling up your hearts, too.”

Breakdown of calls

Breakdown of calls